Warning Letter Bulletin

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If you deal with FDA-regulated products, you need this resource. Find out who was inspected and why. WLB is the only service that summarizes all warning and untitled letters, categorized by YOUR INDUSTRY.

Whether you're in pharmaceuticals, devices, blood banks or any other industry FDA regulates, you'll value the insider knowledge, the quick read and easy index. You can read summaries of all warning and untitled letters, learning what FDA found on its inspections.

Your subscription to Warning Letter Bulletin includes:

  • Find out how to avoid a costly, disruptive FDA investigation.
  • See how access to EU markets will be affected by FDA action.
  • Be prepared for new guidance on direct-to-consumer ads
  • Research your competition more easily.
  • Learn what coming FDA guidance documents will mean to your Internet promotions. Web links and international users will be targeted.
  • Quickly access 483s, EIRs and other crucial government records.

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