GMP/Supply Chain Report -- NEW!

Receive a bi-weekly news service that keeps you informed about changing supply chain and import/export issues. GMP/Supply Chain Report monitors counterfeiting, track and trace issues, supply chain integrity, and GMP issues, too. Ensure your company is in compliance with the new Drug Quality and Safety Act and changing FDA requirements. You also will get analysis of 483s, EIRs and warning letters for pharmaceutical firms, both makers of finished dosage forms and APIs.

GMP/Supply Chain Report tells you how your competition fared in an audit.

GMP/Supply Chain Report is emailed bi-weekly in PDF format, so you can share within your firm.

Your subscription to GMP/Supply Chain Report includes:

  • News and compliance tips to help you with DQSA compliance and ensure your product integrity is in tact.
  • Analysis of FDA 483s, EIRs and key warning letters for GMP and supply chain problems - for drugs and biologics.
  • "Inspection Log" to keep you posted on which companies may have received a 483.
  • "Calendar" of meetings and events.
  • Discounted pricing on Record Retrieve documents. You can order 483s, EIRs and responses to warning letters anonymously...with no up-front charges.

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