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Our staff is available to help readers from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

RECORD-RETRIEVE Service: (703) 779-8777 FAX: (703) 779-2508

Bridget McNeil is Manager of our RECORD-RETRIEVE Document Retrieval & Research Service. This service provides copies of 510(k)s, 483s, EIRs and other documents.

Bridget also manages the WIS Bookshop and does Custom Research for our customers.

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Kathy Thorne is Manager of Subscriber Services for Washington Information Source.

Her company, Professional Newsletter Management Services, provides subscriptions and free samples to Adverse Event Reporting News, Bioresearch Monitoring Alert, Validation Times, Warning Letter Bulletin and Inspection Monitor.

Email Kathy if you have a question about subscriptions.

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Kenneth Reid is Editor & Publisher of Washington Information Source.

He has over a decade of experience writing about the FDA. Subscribers get FREE help with any questions they may have on agency regulations or policies.

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Terri Randolph is the Director of Marketing for Washington Information Source.

She writes and produces all promotional materials for WIS publications, serves as webmaster, and also the direct contact for advertising/promotional opportunities with WIS.

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Jan Peter Ozga is the conference coordinator of Washington Information Source's audioconferencing division.

Email Jan if you have an idea for a 1-hour audiobriefing.

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Joseph Pickett is Managing Editor of Validation Times, Inspection Monitor and Bioresearch Compliance Report.

He is available to receive questions about FDA enforcement practices.

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Rebecca Mashaw is Managing Editor of Adverse Event Reporting News and Bioresearch Compliance Report online page.

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